Sunday, 7 July 2013

Adiphene - The 12 in 1 Weight Loss Pill

Anyone ever having to deal with weight loss issues would have experienced the confusion brought about by the wide range of products and other methods being promoted as a cure all. To first understand weight loss, one needs to understand weight gain. Why is it that some people put on weight so easily whilst others never do? The simple mechanism of weight gain is that the body is getting more calories than it is using. It has to do with the rate of consumption (metabolism) by the body.So weight loss has to do with cutinng back the calories and restoring the balnce of having the right amount that the body needs.

 As I reviewed various products and plans. I came across a 5 in 1 product called Adiphene. What is Adiphene? Adiphene is a safe, effective, all natural weight loss pill. In reality Adiphene is made up of more than 5 ingredients. Its total composition is twelve (12) all-natural ingredients, synergistically formulated to provide the fastest and safest weight loss that you can imagine. Weight loss is not left to chance when using Aiphene, manufactured by RDK Global

This weight loss or reducing pill is made of:

5 Powerful Natural Stimulants 

Bitter Orange
Chromium picolinate
Guaranna Extract
Ginseng panax root extract 10%
Cacoa Extract
These will help prevent you from feeling exhausted and drained seen with other weight loss treatments.

2 Natural Thermogenics 

Cinamon Extract 4%
Cayenne capsicum (Pepper)
These 2 Thermogenics help by having your body produce additional heat. In producing more heat your body is more active resulting in greater fat and calories consumption.

1 Hunger Reducer

This will help in cutting back your appetite for fattening foods and so reduce your intake and the stomach load.

1 Fat Binder

Chitosan extract
The Fat Binder attaches to the fat in your stomach and facilitates elimination before it can be absorbed into the blood stream. You will also have the benefit of Cholesterol reduction..

3 Fat Metabolizers

Vitamin B6
L-Carnitine HCL
Ginger root Extract.
The Fat metabolizers make your body more efficient in burning and utilising the unwanted fat. These will help speed the rate of losing weight.

As mentioned earlier your weight loss treatment will have to be able to counteract your weight gain mechanisms, and so the manufacturer has taken into consideration the entire weight gain issues in arriving at this natural weight loss alternative.

Here is in summary how you will lose weight with Adiphene:

  • Reduces fat absorption
  • Reduces carb absorption
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Increases energy level
  • Feel more energetic
  • Promotes fat metabolization
  • Works as fat inhibitor
  • Reduces appetite

  • So fast, safe weight loss using natural products is possible.

    R.D.K holdings S.A