Saturday, 13 April 2013

Weight Loss News

Weight loss has become a major worldwide concern. Everywhere people are trying to figure out the best weight loss programs. Here are some I have come across:

1. Kou Tea:

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2. Tea-Tone Plus

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3. Adiphene 5-in-1 Pill
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4. Capsiplex
• May increase metabolism
• May increase energy
• Patent pending
• May burn up to 278 more calories
• May Stimulates carbohydrate and fat oxidation
• May Burn carbs
• May Burn fat
• May Reduces appetite levels
• May Reduce caloric intake
• As seen on TV
• As seen on GMTV
• As seen in Daily Mail
• As seen in The Sun
• As seen in Daily Star
• Celebrity Following
• Over 50,000 units sold in first week
• Available in Harrods
Claims for Capsiplex Plus
• May Enhance Mood
• May Improve Memory
• May Improve Sleep
• May Reduce Food Cravings

Advanced Health LTD

5. You can also take a look at others such as:


iNet Squared Ltd

Tava Tea

iNet Squared Ltd

7. This slimming website offers you a full range of weight loss products and support items: