Saturday, 5 January 2013

Medical Plans

Access to medical care in a timely manner increasingly has become a problem the world over. Persons who depend on public health care services will find this challenging as a result of the demands on these services. All good that these services are free and this is why getting the medical care can be so frustrating. So many patients to attend to by fewer and fewer medical personnel.

For persons with insurance coverage, this can also be a challenge. Having to pay the institution or the doctor at the time of service, when you have already paid your insurance coverage is indeed unfair and unfortunate. This is what obtains most times in St. Lucia and the Caribbean. It is not an acceptable practice for assignment billing in the Caribbean. So the patient has to find the means of paying for medical care including treatment and subsequently makes a claim to the insurance company to be reimbursed. This takes a fair amount of time.The method sounds like a double taxation system.

Our solution is found in our own practice-based medical plans. In my practice what I have found most effective and hassle free is to be able to offer various medical plans to my patients. It is a form of discounted care but guarantees them medical care when they need it the most. The most popular one is an annual plan where the patient pays one payment and can get unlimited doctors visits for one year. In addition they are entitled to other benefits. Our plan is called Personal Medical Plan which is for individuals.

We are offer a Group Plan for groups of 10 or more. With such a plan users are encouraged to form their own group so they can pay a substantially reduced monthly fee to access medical care whenever needed during normal working hours.This is the power of group-buying. You can take a look at this plan here

Other plans we offer are: Call Out Plan for late hour services and Visitors Plan for visitors travelling to our island St. Lucia.

All our plans can be accessed on line by following the respective links.